Welcome to Remainders – The Best Countdown App for iOS


Nov 15, 2022

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Remainders, the best countdown app for iOS and iPadOS! With Remainders, counting down to upcoming events and knowing how many days are remaining has never been easier.

Remainders is designed to help you stay on top of your important events, from birthdays and vacations to anniversaries and holidays. With customizable countdown widgets, real-time collaboration with friends, to-do lists, and notes for each event, Remainders is the ultimate tool for staying organized and counting down to your upcoming events.

Countdown App - Remaidners Screenshots

Beautiful, Native iOS Design

We've taken great care of making sure our app fits in with the rest of the iOS ecosystem. We're using the latest SwiftUI techniques, and iOS technologies like CloudKit and the new Collaboration APIs from iOS 16.

Countdown Widgets

With Remainders, you can add customizable countdown widgets to your home screen or lock screen, so you can easily countdown to upcoming events at a glance.

Real-Time Collaboration

You can collaborate with friends and family in real-time, making it easy to plan events together and stay on top of important tasks and details. Shared event changes sync between users using the new iOS 16 Collaboration APIs.

To-Do Lists

Create to-do lists for each event, so you can keep track of important tasks like packing lists, shopping lists, or booking reservations.


Add notes for each event, so you can keep track of important details like flight numbers, hotel reservations, addresses, or contact information.

Event Notifications

Set up customizable notifications for each event, so you never forget an important task or deadline.

iCloud Backup

Remainders uses iCloud backup to keep your events safe and secure, so you can easily restore your data if you switch devices.

Repeating Events

Set up repeating events, so you can easily schedule events that occur on a regular basis. Great for birthday's and anniversaries.

We've designed Remainders to be the ultimate iPhone and iPad countdown app because we wanted a better one compared to whats out there. With customizable reminders, recurring events, and real-time collaboration, home and lock screen widgets and more you can rest assured that your important events are taken care of.

Ready to get started with Remainders? Download the app today on the App Store, and start counting down to your next big event!