Remainders Repeating Events are Unique

Feature Overview

Jan 11, 2022

Have you ever forgotten someone’s birthday or an important anniversary? Or maybe you can’t remember how old someone is or how long you’ve been married.

We’ve all been there. Remainders can help you remember these crucial dates with repeating events. We'll show you how to set up a recurring event in Remainders for yearly, monthly, weekly, or daily events so you’ll never forget the next event. 

Pro-tip, if you backdate an event Remainders, the app will show you how many times it’s occurred in the past.

Repating Event Types

Getting Started

To start, create a new event or edit an existing event. Now it's time to set the repeating frequency for your event. Under the "Repeat" section, tap the “Never" option to reveal a list of repeating frequencies:

  • Every Day

  • Every Week

  • Every Month

  • Every Year

Select the appropriate frequency for your event. For instance, choose "Yearly" for birthdays and anniversaries.

Event Repeats Counts Screenshot

Repeating Event Counts

To keep track of how many times an event has happened, tap the Date field and set the date to the first date it occurred. This indicator shows how many times it’s happened in the past and will count up each occurrence. This is great for yearly repeating events like birthday's and anniversaries!

Event Notification Screenshot

Repeating Event Notifications

Don’t forget to turn on notifications so you won’t miss the event, then tap Done to save your edits.

With Remainders, you'll never miss an important birthday or anniversary again! We make it easy to set up a repeating event that countdowns to any occasion, whether it's yearly, monthly, weekly, or daily. And remember, if you backdate your event, Remainders will show you how many times it's already occurred. 

Stay organized and always remember those special recurring dates.